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Maybe your organization had an innovation plan in the past but it just didn’t give you the results you expected.

Maybe you tried some design thinking exercises, put in a fun conference room complete with markers, white boards, Koosh balls and a foosball table…but innovation still didn’t come knocking.

Or maybe you have been an innovative company that just wants to keep ahead of the competition and be sure that you are doing it the “right way.”

Or maybe you have had some level of success with innovation…but don’t know where to go from here (too many choices and too many directions).

Whatever the case may be, if you want breakthrough creativity to be so unique you don’t even have competition, pull up a chair and have a Diet Coke. Let’s super charge your thought process

What we help you do:

Transformational Innovation.

What the heck does that mean????

For us, transformational innovation means transforming your company culture and your leadership habits to allow innovation to happen.

Because when organizations don’t innovate you will find yourself with no one to sell to or work with. Anyone want to buy some 35mm film? Just ask Kodak or hundred’s of other companies who failed to act on innovation.

How do you do innovation right?

  • It means building a culture where deviant ideas are recognized and championed.
  • It means coaching teams to find the right problems to solve.
  • It means not having another Post-It note exercise to find some marginally okay ideas.
  • It means not just seeing incremental changes to products and services, but delivering solutions your customer didn’t even know they wanted.
  • And most importantly, it means having a culture and philosophy that keeps ideas flowing; insuring longevity and growth for you and your business.

How we do it

Everything we do at Deviant Thinking is about seeing things like you have never seen them before.

We have an obsession, not only with innovation and creativity, but with the leadership science behind it. Because the same way of thinking won’t give you different results.

What we do is help you realize what you could become!

We help you find the greater value you can give the world.

If you want innovation you must find the deviant path. Everyone has their own path to innovation and their own mission. Let us help you find yours.

About Jennifer Thompson

Hi, I am Jennifer

JenniferThompsonHow did I get here?

This is not my first foray into deviant thinking. I am a well-practiced Deviant Thinker & Designer. For almost 10 years I have managed a creative team at one of America’s Top Fortune 50 Companies. Prior to my corporate life I was a successful entrepreneur in both the design and technology fields.

My Mom would say I started out deviant and never changed. She might use some different words. I am always trying to see things from a new perspective,look at what others are doing, and go far beyond that, I challenge the status quo, and find new ways to do things. Everything, from how to raise money for a local charity, to how to start and run my own business.

Through the years, I have been a cheerleader for new and different ideas.

What are my beliefs?

“set unrealistic goals… all of the realistic ones are taken”

True innovation has no competition. I believe that you have to set your expectations higher than most can imagine. If you shoot for mediocre you can never be amazing. If you shoot for amazing you promise to be unique.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting to get different results”- Albert Einstein

I am a life long fan of Einstein’s wisdom. I believe that you have to look at your problems and innovations from many different perspectives, and then act in new and different ways to get new and different results. Doing more of the same things doesn’t make things better, you just get even more of the same

What is my super power?

Naming the bullshit in the room. I am known for being the firecracker at any meeting, I am amazing at forcing you to look at the pink elephant in the room.

How can we work together?

I am available as a speaker, consultant, and to conduct workshops worldwide. Plus providing transformational innovation coaching for select executives.


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