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What is this crazy place?

A place where if you trip and fall you will bounce like a ball. Okay, maybe not. But it is a place to play and explore and try on new ideas.  We encourage a community that is willing to chat, debate, and share new ideas. We also are here to encourage you to be a bit deviant.  Quit listening to mom; nice kids don’t always get ahead!

Why am I even here?

Because you are sick of playing nice with everyone around you.  You know that in your heart there are different/deviant ways do business.  And doing business as usual ain’t gonna cut it in the next decade.

Why is it called Deviant Thinking?

Because being Deviant ain’t a bad thing.

The definition of Deviant is: 

deviant [dee-vee-uh nt] noun; a person or thing that deviates or departs markedly from the accepted norm..

Unfortunately, all of the people who want everyone to follow the rules and play nice have decided to make deviant  a dirty word.  I am here to celebrate deviance because doing the same thing over and over and expecting to get different results is insanity. ( Stole that from the fabulous Einstein!)

What are you doing to change the world?

We are here to support people share their original thought.  What? You don’t have any!  That can’t be true.  You just might be the one in the back of the room thinking to yourself, “if these clowns would just try X it would work!”  Well the world needs your thoughts.  It is the only way that we evolve.  We want to help you find your voice and be a catalyst in the creative revolution.  The revolution that moves beyond digital and values imagination and what is possible in the world.  We help people to have the confidence to have that deviant voice.  Plus, we work with their bosses to help them love the deviant on their team.  It is a win-win situation.

What if I don’t have a business or anything like that? Why should I stick around?

Because it is fun to be deviant.  You don’t have to run a business to know the value of the individual.  We have lots of fun here, talk about ways to live your dreams (not someone else’s), how to support the education system to be more creative ( the first place that tries to stomp out our deviance) , and how being just a bit more tolerant of each others ideas and giving each other support might just change the world to be a more creative place.

I have a business that is creative and innovative, Can you help me too?

Absolutely!  We all need new ideas everyday.  We provide a provocative look at new ideas that will stimulate and excite you to be even more creative.  Plus you can always share our website with that pesky client that is afraid of doing something different!

What is your favorite quote?

Well gosh!  I love so many, but I think if I have to pick just one it might be… Drum roll please…

“Have unrealistic goals, all of the realistic ones are taken.”

Who said that?

Jennifer did, and does everyday.  Her family and friends are probably sick of hearing it, but they love her anyway.

So what does that mean?

We can all choose to have goals, but if our goals are similar to everyone else’s goals there is lots of competition.  The way to break out of the competition is to set our goals higher then anyone else. That way there is no one in our way of getting there.

What if I want you to speak/present for me in 2014-2015?

Drop us a line.  If it fits our gig we will try to work something out.  If it doesn’t we have lots of friends that we can refer you to.  Remember exotic places and great hotels move to the front of the line.

Why do you like creativity and innovation so much?

Because it uses our imagination.  It gives me a great excuse to daydream, act a little different, and still get paid a gazillion dollars for doing something that is so stinking fun.

Where do you get your creative ideas?

From looking at things from a new perspective.  Things look different when you turn them upside down.

Any tips on creativity?

Yes, do something deviant every day.

I can’t get enough of you. Where else can I find you?

That scares me a little, but we love to have you around, just please don’t show up at the house. The hubby will wonder.

You can check out our latest thoughts on twitter:  @deviantthompson

Fun facebook posts and occasional pictures of our dog:  Deviant Thinking on Facebook 

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