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7 Surprising Ways to Lead Innovation

by Jennifer Thompson, Ambassador for Deviant Thinking It is incredibly easy to be effective as a leader of innovation. Yet so many managers get in the way of themselves and their teams. Try these surprising yet simple ideas to support more innovation in your organization. 1) Get out of your office. Your company's next big idea is not coming from your corner office. It…


Why Don’t We Think We Are Creative?

by Jennifer Thompson, ambassador for Deviant Thinking Did you know that art and creativity are two different things? People currently are mistaking art for creativity.  One, art, contains an often physical skill set, while the other, creativity, requires the mind to allow its self to be free to think new thoughts. It is the fear of the physical skill set that…


5 Ways to Stop Killing Innovation

by Jennifer Thompson, ambassador for Deviant Thinking Corporations are killing innovation. The ironic thing about this is that the very systems that they have set up to capture and encourage innovation is what is killing it.  Companies have set up innovation teams, as if only those folks can have innovative ideas.  They have created brain storming sessions, as if you can…


Fostering Innovation

by Jennifer Thompson, ambassador for Deviant Thinking As I look around the internet, I am often bombarded with articles on innovation.  Most of them start with a tagline like this one.  Often, they discuss how a company should innovate.  There is typically a check list of ways that companies can foster innovation. Make time, form cross-functional teams, support risk taking,…



by Jennifer Thompson, ambassador for Deviant Thinking Yet again we were invited to a large divisional meeting to discuss how we could recreate our design process for our team.The team gather around, all 200 of us, for a brainstorming session to gather the data that would move us forward for the next year. The facilitators were well trained in design thinking.…

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