• Proven self-paced course to get you to your dream job as quick as possible.
  • High quality videos that guide you through every step of the process
  • Outlines and worksheets that help you define your own Unfair Competitive Advantage
  • Resume Templates that are unique and help you be remarkably different than.



  1. The first 10 people who sign up for Hell Yes Resumes will get a free resume review. This is a $97 value and priceless in helping you have a remarkable resume.
  2. We are offering 10 scholarships. Yes, that means you can take the course for free! Apply here by Jan. 15th. We will be choosing the lucky winners on Jan 20.

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A big a-ha moment for me was digging deeper into my core values and really understanding who I am as a person and what I need to feel fulfilled.  Leveraging these values has given me a new appreciation for myself and helped redefine what I need in my next role. I recommend Jennifer's services to all my friends and family. She understands what it takes to make the most out of your life and career and can help you find what fulfillment means to you. The best part is she makes it fun while doing it! - Marissa B.

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  • Professional Modern Resume – Not just a data dump, but a resume that is a true reflection of who you are. This is a resume that will help you stand out from the crowd and be unique.
  • Clarity Coaching Sessions – Clarify about what excites you most in your life. This will result in finding a company and position that will ignite your passions and make you want to jump out of bed every day. (5 Live Face to Face video sessions)
  • Online Program – That takes you step by step through finding your dream job. This includes videos, worksheets, and assessments.
  • Interview Preparation – Once you are clear on what you want, we get you clear on what you need to say to get the job of your dreams.
  • Network Activation – Your next job is most likely coming from your network. Are you leveraging this network to ensure you will get your dream job? We will create a plan to be


I loved that Jennifer was never afraid to challenge me in order to get to the bottom of whatever we were attempting to achieve. As a result, I’ve got a much, much better resume that I have a ton of confidence in. Not only does it look great and drive real responses from hiring managers, I am proud of it—and that makes it much easier to send out to anyone in my network without hesitation. I also have a better understanding of my professional self and a great new skill set for interviewing. - Hennie



  • Key Components to Your Dream Job
  • Biggest Fears Holding You Back
  • The Core Strategy to Hell Yes! Résumés
  • Key Components-Which Make You Irresistible to Hiring Managers
  • Review Your Unfair Competitive Advantage
  • Draft your Professional Statement
  • Networking Tips and Tricks


I am very grateful for the confidence I gained from working with Jennifer. Her help was hands down incredible! She worked with me to create a plan that set me up for success in my last interview process. Jennifer listened to my unique work and life experiences and helped tie them into key stories that showcased my unique value and personality. I would recommend her enthusiastic support to anyone, and her interview perspective and experience proved extremely helpful! - Michelle


  • Online course to prepare you for your interview
  • Lessons on story, voice of impact, and interviewing
  • Taped mock interviews with 1:1 coaching to take you to the next level
  • Scripts for answering the hardest interview questions
  • Questions to ask a potential employer


While living in Europe, I was looking for a new opportunity in the US. This was not an easy task due to the proximity of my family and the companies I was hoping to work for in my future. Jennifer gave me invaluable advice on my resume layout and opening statement. This helped to gain the immediate attention of many companies! I am so thankful for Jennifer’s guidance and have recommended her to many of my friends. - Shannon L.


As a consultant, I wanted my clients to know why to choose me. Jennifer and the Hell Yes Resume! process provided the framework. Jennifer’s ability to help focus and reveal my unfair competitive advantage is her towering strength. Once identified the workshop process rounded out all aspects of how to present my strengths.

Jennifer’s positive energy and thought-provoking questions made a potentially difficult process exciting and created momentum for my business. I would encourage anyone searching to set themselves apart to hire Jennifer and the Hell Yes Resume! process. - Liz G.


2 years ago, after losing my employment for the first time of my life, I wallowed in uncertainty. Unsure of direction, searching aimlessly for answers, Jennifer was a guiding force in getting back in the game. Within days of receiving my new resume, 3 companies contacted me for employment. After accepting a great opportunity, maybe 5 more offers were proposed. Being professional as possible, I spoke with each one I didn’t accept, and every HR person complimented me on an extremely powerful and creative resume. That’s the passion and insight that Jennifer always delivers. - George I.