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This week, I had lunch with a friend and professional I deeply admire.

I could feel that this was the perfect opportunity to explore her success. What made things work for her? What is her holy grail of success? What is the secret to her becoming an international speaker, author, consultant, and sought after expert?

So, I asked, “Kate, how do you get to work with all the amazing companies that you do?”

Simple enough question, so I thought!

She laughed! This was not the response I was hoping for!

Then responded, “I should write a book about all this, as every story is absolutely unique, twisted, and makes no logical sense. There is no one way to get in the door at these companies.”

After this, I was a bit disappointed I wanted the holy grail of success.

But Kate didn’t stop there. She went on…

“The only thing they have in common is: I made myself available to solve their problems.”

“The only thing they have in common is: I made myself available to solve their problems. I didn’t even always know how I could solve it, I was confident that I would figure it out and I made it easy for them. This opened me up to many opportunities and I it pushed me in to things I didn’t know I was capable of.”

Wow! There is was. The Holy Grail of Success.

“Solve people’s problems and make it easy for them.”


Whether it is looking for a new job or creating a new product make yourself valuable by solving people’s problems.

What opportunities have come your way as a result of solving people’s problems? I would love to hear!


Thanks Kate for taking the time to have lunch with me! It is always a pleasure to hear what is going on at

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