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Assigned the daunting task of coming up with the next speaker for your company or organization?

Jennifer Thompson - SpeakerHow are you going to out do Joe’s pick from last year? It is hard to beat a guy swallowing flaming swords!

You know people are tired of the same old talks on innovation:

  1. Think out side the box
  2. Give yourself time to be creative
  3. Blah! Blah! Blah!

They are ready for something truly deviant? And lots of fun!

A Deviant Talk is one part sass, two parts energy, and three parts real shit that you can use to make your company more effective.

Talks can run any where from:

  • 30 minutes (the short and sassy version)
  • to a couple of hours ( the WOW you can be deviant too version.)

Deviant Talks are sure to provoke, teach, and energize folks to be deviant.

Topics Include:

  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Leadership
  • Women’s Leadership
  • Career Development
  • How to Find the Right Job
  • Leading from Purpose
  • Aligning Our Values and Our Careers

And being deviant has a direct effect on your bottom line.

More original ideas mean more profits, and less competition.

Click here to access Jennifer’s Speaker Bio [PDF]

 Check out Jennifer at the AAF of Central MN luncheon

What people are saying about Jennifer’s presentations:

Jennifer brought passionate and enthusiastic energy; she is a great story-teller. One staff remarked, “She has a captivating accent. I want to listen to her all day!” Through her story and presentation she got our group excited about her path into deviant thinking and helped us take our first steps on our own deviant thinking path.

I've had the pleasure of attending two different presentations by Jennifer during the last couple years. While both talks were on Deviant Thinking, each was well tailored to the distinctly unique audiences I was in. Besides enjoying the highly engaging, insightful programs, I even more appreciated the post-presentation conversations with colleagues. Jennifer sent me home with pages of notes and numerous nuggets of wisdom and tools to share at the office (and at home). Jennifer is an expert in her subject matter and presents with a wonderful blend of science-driven insights, humor, professionalism, relevance and of course, sass.

"Interesting, dynamic speaker, interactive, and there were take-aways you could bring back
to the office immediately. AWESOME PRESENTATION."

Jennifer made me feel comfortable sharing things that I don't normally talk about. She also pushed my outside my comfort zone, which resulted in some really great self discovery.

"Jennifer (Speaker) was fabulous, I love how she got people to participate."

"She had the right blend of interactivity and lecture-was engaging and real."

''Excellent all the way around."



Think this is the right fit for you? Contact us!

While happy to go anywhere to give a really awesome talk, beautiful exotic locations will get you to the front of the line!


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