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Fear is in the air. Over 45% of each major political party has fear that the policies of the other will truly damage this country. These numbers are unprecedented. How have we become so divided that we don’t see each other as individuals with real ideas and thoughts that, when combined, make us greater than the sum of our parts?

We need to feel SAFE in our homes, work, schools, and community.

Today more than ever we need to celebrate diversity and the uniqueness of each individual.

We are stronger as a nation and as a world when we see each of us for our own uniqueness. This includes everyone from the white male rancher in Montana, to the Latino woman in Texas, to the Somali family in Minnesota. Whether we want to be believe it or not, all of these voices are important.

If we look at this recent election through a neutral lens that everyone’s voice is valid, what happens? How do we move forward to be inclusive of everyone?
It is this inclusivity that I have been fighting for. Helping companies see the value in diversity. And helping individuals see the value in their uniqueness. Breaking the rules that keep us separate is very important.

We need to create a space that is SAFE for everyone.

I define SAFE differently. Safe often means to protect oneself, but what if we turned that around and made it to create safety for all? To create a space where everyone feels valued.
When I break it down, for me it means:

S – Status:

Where people know they are respected and know how they fit into the bigger picture. This was the fuel that created this election cycle. So many people didn’t feel like they counted. So often people don’t feel like they count in their jobs, their schools, and their communities. We must recognize everyone and let them know their contribution is seen and appreciated.

A – Autonomy:

A space where we can act as individuals and are trusted to be creative and resourceful. Trust is the important word here; we all want to be trusted. We want to be trusted that we know stuff and we are empowered to act with our knowledge.

F – Fair:

We all want to be treated fairly. We want things to be just. We want to make sure that no one is cheating or has an unjust advantage.

E – Expectations:

We want to know what is expected of us. How we contribute to our companies, our communities, our country, and our world.

So please go out there and make a SAFE place for ALL of us.

What are you doing to make your world SAFE today?


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