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You are a smart innovative leader that is keeping your company ahead of the competition.

You take the latest workshop, listen to inspiring TED talks, and read the latest books on innovation and leadership.

For all we know, you even wrote the book on innovation.

You are just the kind of leader that your competition hates!

And the kind of leader we love!

Frankly, things are moving fast!

Change is at the slowest pace it will ever be again.

You need to step out from what “everyone” else is doing.

That is where Deviant Thinking comes in.

A sassy new approach to leading innovation.

Where rogue ideas yield results; for you (we want you go get that big promotion) and for your company (stomping out the competition like an itsy bitsy bug)

A workshop with Deviant Thinking is not just another exercise in thinking outside the box (you have been there – done that).

It is about starting with the foundation of yourself and your company to build up the courage and stamina to be a risk taker.

It helps you identify what truly innovative ideas look like.

(Hint: they aren’t found on a Post-it note.)

It gives you bada$$ tools to be the superhero your team is looking for.

It enables you to leap the roadblocks of: fear

with a single bound!

Ok, actually there are a bunch of ways to get around these roadblocks and we will teach them all to you!

So just so we are clear…

Only brave leaders who are willing to be modern day HEROES willing to FIGHT the villains of risk adverse cultures and innovation neigh-sayers need apply.

Is your company looking to stop giving lip service to innovation and actually start innovating?

There is no competition when you have deviant ideas.

Innovation can be risky business, but not being innovative is a business killer.

Your company can’t afford to not be innovative.

We can help you find the courage and the tools to allow innovation to actually happen.

Book a workshop at your location, or some beautiful location your team would rather be.



If you want someone to really hear you and bring out the best in you and your business... more than you ever thought possible, then hire Jennifer. Being in business for over 10 years, I've hired hundreds of consultants. Working with Jennifer is one of the best decisions I've made in my business."

Jennifer’s presentation style addressed multiple learning styles: great storytelling for auditory learning, great visuals for visual learning, and innovative techniques to incorporate physical movement for kinesthetic learning.

Jennifer made me feel comfortable sharing things that I don't normally talk about. She also pushed my outside my comfort zone, which resulted in some really great self discovery.

Jennifer creates a really courageous and bold space!

Great ideas to bring new energy and ideas to the table.


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