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by Jennifer Thompson

Fear is the demon in many of our lives. It keeps us from going for the new job we would love, or sharing the new innovative idea at work.
This little demon hangs out and shows up at the most inopportune time.

Just when I think I am moving forward fearlessly, there he is taunting me! Making me second guess myself, slowing me down on a project, or distracting me with something comfortable.

I just finished Mel Robins book, “The 5 Second Rule.” It is delightfully simple. When you feel fear, or even just think that demon is about to show up:

Count backwards — 5,4,3,2,1 — and do it.

Now the “it” can be anything, from choosing to eat healthy, to sharing an idea, to calling someone who can help you land your next job. Whatever “it” is, take the action to step forward and do “it.”

Mel Robbins explains that there is some science behind this deceivingly simple “trick.” It is important to count backwards as there is a limit; you can’t just keep going on, and on, and on. It gives the brain a positive action to think about and helps change the fear into excitement. The action part is important too. You need to start, and often that is the scariest part in all we do. It reminds me of my kids on the starting block when they are swimming. As they stand waiting for their race, they can get nervous, and I hope excited, but when the buzzer goes off they just go for it. This is like giving yourself your own personal starter!

I have been loving this simple technique — it really gets me going! No more time to find excuses, now I find action. So far, I have completed a few blog posts, shared my ideas on creating a new program, participated in some previously dreaded networking events, met with a book coach to start writing my book, launched my online course, made a ton of videos, and have been eating healthier. Not bad for a few weeks of using this technique.

Try it out and let me know what you have done by beating the fear! Leave a comment about a win you had today using this technique.

Jennifer Thompson is a writer, international speaker, coach, and external provocateur who champions Deviant Thinking! She challenges her clients to uncover their “Unfair Competitive Advantage” to allow them to be “Remarkably Different” vs. just “Marginally Better” than the competition. To learn more, check out Jennifer’s website at:

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